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Information Technology
Warehouse Management System

Everything under control
Whilst in our warehouses, your stock will be carefully controlled using our RedPrairie warehouse management system, and all
information contained within the system will be available to you either via interfaces with your own systems or via our web-based enquiry and reporting services.

With real-time updates via voice based and radio frequency based handheld terminals, our staff and your staff know exactly where your stock is at all times. You can choose whether your items are controlled by barcodes or RFID tags.

We also have direct links to courier systems to ensure that control
is maintained, all the way to your customer’s doorstep, and we offer automated reports that can be tailor-made to send to your staff or business partners via e-mail or SMS to prompt the next appropriate action in the supply chain.

We will manage the migration of your stock to our system using proven and tested data handling techniques and project planning. Even if you have unusual requirements or old legacy systems with severe constraints, our IT specialists will work with you and your data flows to ensure that real additional value is obtained from the system.

If your website is constrained by your back office systems, we can interface additional data directly between our warehouse system and your website including real-time views of stock and customer order or return status.

Specific features included are:

Inventory management

  • Supplier collaboration – we can give visibility to your suppliers to assist with production, packaging, QA processing and shipments, with exception management.
  • Slotting – improves productivity by synchronising product placement to order demand.
  • Replenishment – supports multiple strategies to tailor replenishment to product, location, environment and slotting needs.
  • Inventory control – tracks inventory based on many Industry specific and user-defined SKU attributes.
  • Special handling – enforces rules for handling, storage and tracking of SKUs that require environmental or hazardous material segregation, procedures and certifications.
  • QA / recall – provides ancestry and destination tracking by lot, SKU and item/serial number for inventory at rest or in motion across the supply network.
  • Cycle counting – system-directed work provides unparalleled accuracy, virtually eliminating the need for traditional cycle counting. However, multiple cycle counting procedures are supported, without interference with daily activities.


  • Appointment scheduling – integrates web-based communications with a graphical dock calendar to manage appointments and shipment documentation, viewable on-line by our customers.
  • Cross-docking – functionality to prioritise inbound inventory with outbound orders, reducing handling, storage and costs while improving delivery times to your customers.
  • Receiving & put-away – optimised receipt and put-away via paper, RF or RFID so that your staff will know the instant that each item of stock is available.
  • Retail store processing – inbound processing for retail distribution such as store prioritised processing, pick-by-product group, pick-by-store and merge-in-transit capabilities.
  • Inbound services – system-directed work assignments for statistical sampling, QC workflow and any of your specific inbound process requirements.
  • Duty management – a complete solution for managing bonded warehouses including deferment of duty and VAT payment until after imported goods are dispatched to your customers.
  • Reverse logistics / returns processing – system-directed work assignments control the disassembly, evaluation, rework, return, disposal or other handling of returned products. Refurbished products can be prioritised for sale ahead of unopened stock.

  • E-commerce specialisation – E-commerce and home shopping orders can be picked from the same stock as other larger orders but with the ability to safeguard dedicated stock levels. Services such as direct despatch e-mailing to customers, gift-wrapping and other specialist processing requirements can be handled with ease.
  • Multiple pick methods – a virtually unlimited number of pick methods can be deployed simultaneously.
  • Packing & shipping – system-directed packing, cartonisation, QC verification, staging, and ‘pack and hold’ management enables accurate, timely, damage-free shipments.
  • Parcel manifesting – in-line parcel labeling and manifesting capabilities for all major courier firms including capture of tracking reference hyperlinks.
  • Shipment documentation – our system produces the outbound shipment labeling and documentation needed for compliance with customer and legal requirements, so your customer facing or internal documentation will look exactly as you want it to and be at the level of detail that you need.

Industry membership and awards

Industry membership and awards
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