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Warehouse & Fulfilment

Safe as houses

Goods are scanned on receipt and despatch, with the bulk of products for distribution cross-docked within hours of receipt. All of our distribution centres are fully equipped to handle a wide variety of products and offer an excellent range of storage facilities, designed to meet both long and short-term storage requirements.

We distribute more than two million items per week from our modern warehouses, with receipt and despatch of goods being handled quickly and accurately given our systems capability to interface directly with systems operated by our customers, their suppliers and HM Revenue & Customs. We also operate within strict guidelines to meet required aviation security procedures whenever necessary.

Our distribution centres are well equipped to handle the specific demands of the wide range of products we manage and handle from small high value products through to heavy duty industrial machinery. Receipt, stock holding and despatch areas are equipped with modern handling systems.

Torque has a total warehouse capacity in excess of one million square feet and offers very competitive storage rates. We can handle all your warehousing and fulfilment requirements efficiently, whilst still providing the highest levels of personal service. Our flexible layout allows the easy conversion from boxed shelving, hanging rails, high bay racking, or any required configuration.

All warehouses are equipped with modern sprinkler systems incorporating the latest smoke and fire detection technology and are continuously monitored 24 hours a day. Torque's own security team guard the sites every day and night using patrols and comprehensive CCTV surveillance systems.


Industry membership and awards

Industry membership and awards
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