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Warehouse & Fulfilment
You do not have to pay tax on it until you need it

Through our network of public Customs Warehouses, Torque can hold customers’ goods under Customs control with no requirement for Duty or VAT to be paid until after those goods have been removed from the warehouses.

Such warehousing facilities generate significant cash flow benefits to our customers and in the case of goods exported outside the European Union, remove the obligation to pay Duty and VAT altogether.

Higher levels of Customs administration support services are available through the use of our duty management software, which serves to expedite our customers’ own Customs Warehouses and CFSP reporting requirements as well as enhance fulfilment operations.

To complement our network of public Customs Warehouses, we operate a number of other Customs facilities which enable us to clear goods through Customs within our own general warehouses, thereby avoiding any incremental cost and/or lead time issues as a consequence of delays in clearance at ports or airports.

Our Department of Transport security approved export department is perfectly placed to provide a comprehensive range of export services. These help customers distribute their goods to the global markets by timely and cost-effective means.

Industry membership and awards

Industry membership and awards
Community partnerships

Community partners