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Torque recognises that a successful cost efficient supply chain relies on each party operating to the highest standards. Poor performance at any point in the chain can result in failure at the end. Torque has the expertise to ensure excellence.

Whether it is packaging requirements, loading patterns, Customs documentation, quality control or “on time” management, Torque can contribute to the success of your business.

Standard Operating Procedures are agreed with customers and rolled out across the supply chain. Torque operates vendor management programs at origin, to ensure that all parties are aware of, and operate to, uniform high standards.

Torque offers Quality Control platforms across much of Asia, ensuring that sub standard goods cannot enter the supply chain. Goods are returned to the vendor to allow early recovery.

Torque operates a state of the art purchase order management system, to manage shipment inventory on an exception basis. Vendors are not permitted to ship outside agreed parameters and both early and late shipments are recognised upon booking. Equally, quantitative variances between order and booking are recognised at SKU level, ensuring a balanced size range is shipped.

As well as the early recognition of supply chain issues, it is equally important to know what is not happening. Torque has sophisticated exception based management systems recognising any delays – Torque will actively chase vendors where ex-factory dates are approaching.

Cost management is a vital part of supply chain control. It is a false economy saving $50 on a freight rate if you waste 20% of the available space. Torque will monitor container fills and measure booked-versus-actual performance. Wasted space recovery programs are run to recover costs from suppliers and return to your bottom line.

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Industry membership and awards
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