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Returns Management / Reverse Logistics

At Torque we understand that the management of product returns can be a hassle, especially when you just want to get on and focus on achieving your business’ goals.

Managing returns is a full time job, that’s why we have highly trained staff, efficient processes, IT systems and appropriate equipment in place to be able to take that job off your hands quickly and effectively.

We handle thousands of returns every day of varying types - single units, bulk recalls, direct from consumer, to inter store transfers and seasonal product.

Our tried and tested methods not only take away the burden of dealing with product returns but importantly optimise the utilisation of your warehouse resources, meaning improved net asset recovery rates, cost savings and income generation.

On receiving your returns, we process stocks quickly, passing them through our robust quality control centre where needed and where possible, refurbishing the goods back to a saleable condition.

From here, we will either return the product to the consumer directly, sell it via our own online channels on our customers’ behalf, return it to customers’ inventory, or even ensure it is disposed of correctly.

We have considerable experience in merchandising product and have well-established relationships with online giants such as Amazon and eBay. Managing these channels alone can be a daunting task, but we’ve spent years fine-tuning every aspect of the process. We can even provide suites of customisable reports, built to suit your needs.

Whether you are directly responsible for returns, or responsible for deciding who is, you’ll know only too well the drain on your resources that result from any inefficiency. You’ll also know how reassuring it is to have certainty and peace of mind, especially in an aspect of your business which is difficult to predict and can be a nightmare to plan for.


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Industry membership and awards
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