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Purchase Order Management
Hands on or hands off

Torque has developed sophisticated web based systems to manage the life span of a purchase order – from inception, through to shipment authorisation, to delivery to your end customer, incorporating tailor made milestones to help your business.

As a customer this system allows you to choose the degree of your involvement. You can retain full hands on control. You can, however, opt to place your order, then take a back seat, assured that the exceptional management functionality ensures you are kept informed of any variance to the all important delivery target date.

Electronic packing lists are completed at origin upon shipment. This information can be electronically transferred into your commercial/warehouse management systems, increasing speed and accuracy, while negating the laborious requirement to collate documentation and re-key information.

Detailed actual freight cost per unit information is automatically
produced, giving a tight control on cost management with minimal

Each party (supplier, buying agent, forwarder, customer) has tailored password based functionality, giving each a unique bespoke feel – while simultaneously collating information into a central database, providing a complete overview of the supply chain.

Allowing policing of each stage of the supply chain, it offers an unparalleled level of control, offering the opportunity to plan to take advantage of potential cost savings, e.g. consolidation opportunities or take appropriate corrective action, e.g. cancellation / air-freight at the supplier’s cost.

Underpinning the functionality is a bespoke on-line reporting module. Our IT staff can tailor reports to virtually any requirement, allowing meaningful detailed on-demand data.

The system is fully functional via 3G mobile networks (e.g. iPad, HTC) allowing you to check the status of your most urgent orders We recognise that each customer has unique requirements and work processes. The system is designed to offer tailored functionality that compliments your requirements, rather than tailoring your requirements to a system.

The system is designed for ease of use and successfully operated by hundreds of companies across the globe. There is on-line video training, carefully demonstrating each area of the system. Programming is undertaken by our in-house IT team who can accept/produce virtually any interface file format making it adaptable to any system. The servers are hosted at our secure premises, with a high level of disaster recovery capability.

Industry membership and awards

Industry membership and awards
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