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Overseas Services
Consolidation / Break-Bulk / Onward
Controlling all the costs

Freight costs are a major part of the supply chain. Shippers are usually focused on saving small amounts from the base freight rate, while failing to recognise consolidation opportunities which can save as much as 50% of the freight rate.

With airfreight, being able to get the right mix of cargo and filling your own aircraft pallets makes a significant difference to the rates you pay and priority given to your cargo.

Our sophisticated systems recognise upcoming shipments and
the target delivery date of each shipment. Torque can effectively take advantage of consolidation opportunities to drive cost out of the supply chain.

Torque operates consolidation services at virtually all major ports, accepting all types of cargo from out-of-gauge, hazardous, garments on hangers (GOH), boxed and palletised freight. We effectively combine multiple vendor shipments into full container loads (FCLs).

We also offer break-bulk services whereby shipper loaded containers are moved to destination port deconsolidation depots for breakdown and onward delivery.

Torque has set up key Multi Country Consolidation (MCC) points at strategic locations allowing funneling of shipments from/to regions into one consolidation point to ensure the optimal use of container space.

For large-scale parcel/mail order deliveries, Torque can move goods in bulk to the destination country – before breaking down and shipping out via the local postal services.

Industry membership and awards

Industry membership and awards
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